Story Starters Sets, Story Stones, Story Tokens, Pretend Play, Imaginative Play, Reading Teacher Gift, Gift for Kids, Story rocks

Story Starters Sets, Story Stones, Story Tokens, Pretend Play, Imaginative Play, Reading Teacher Gift, Gift for Kids, Story rocks


Let your child's imagination soar with these SETS OF 10 hand-painted Story Stones! These kits offer basic images that will enable a child to share a story in his or her own words. Select SET A or SET B or both!

Set A INCLUDES: Car, boy, sun, rainbow, tree, butterfly, dog, frog, flower, and ladybug.

Set B INCLUDES: Truck, girl, rain cloud, trees, spider, cat, turtle, flowers, duck, and robot.

Each set comes with a little canvas tote for storage and a card explaining the concept of Story Stones.

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Story Stones, which have been around for centuries, can be used by parents or educators to guide a story along and encourage creativity. These adorable tools promote language growth, social communication, and engagement in imaginative play. Just open the bag, pick a stone at random, and begin telling the story!
Each stone is painted with acrylics on a natural river rock and sealed with a protective varnish. The size and shape of each stone will vary, but most measure 2-3 inches.

-Pretend Play: These are perfect to encourage pretend play and imaginative play. Give a child a bag of story stones and let him/her use the characters for quiet pretend play. Let their imagination soar!

-Bedtime Stories: Taking a stone from the bag one at a time creates a story by giving you characters and tools to incorporate into the story. This also gives a different storyline each time as the stones are drawn at random.

-Writing Prompts: Use in the classroom as a rewarding activity or as creative writing prompts or story starters. Teachers will love this engaging activity for all elementary ages!

-Travel Activity: a perfect way to pass the time on long trips! Have children take turns drawing stones from the bag and create a story together. Each time a stone is drawn, that person adds onto the story by integrating their stone into the storyline.
Toddlers, school-aged children, parents, teachers, and therapists will all LOVE these story stones. These are a favorite among kids' toys for Christmas gifts and Birthday gifts! They can also be used as stocking stuffers.
PLEASE NOTE: Story stones are recommended for ages 3+ as some of the smaller stones could be a choking hazard if not handled correctly. Supervision of children while using story stones is always recommended.
NOTE: I can create a set of CUSTOM story stones from any fairy tale, nursery rhyme, or book. Just click "Request Custom Order," or If you are using a mobile device, click "Contact" or "Ask a Question" and let me know what you need.

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