4 Simple Items to Help Relieve Back-to-School Anxiety

Back-to-school anxiety is almost more traumatic for a parent than for a child. I remember the trauma of leaving my screaming Kindergartner in his classroom, wondering if I would make it through the four hours until pick-up time. Often the anxiety passes (for both parent and child), but in the meantime any strategy you can employ to relieve that trauma is a blessing!

That is why I offer the following items in my shop, Alleluia Rocks. These items are simple yet surprisingly effective in helping to relieve those Back-to-School anxieties!

Pocket rocks and worry stones have been around for centuries. The concept is simple: keep them in your pocket or bag, and when you need reassurance or a boost of confidence, take it out and feel its smooth surface and remember its message of love. These Pocket Angels are a bestseller in my Etsy shop! They come with a little card with my original poem that says "Keep me in your bag or pocket all the day through, and you will be reminded that GOD LOVES YOU!" Parents find comfort in gifting these little gems to their children, knowing that little glimpses of the angels throughout the day will bring a source of peace to their children. These are only $8 each!  Get the GIRL ANGEL HERE.  Get the BOY ANGEL HERE.

monster pocket rocks.JPG

Silly Monster Pocket Rocks

These silly monsters are a more lighthearted pocket rock option. This is a SET OF 4, so your child can pick one per day to carry in a pocket or backpack, or stash all 4 in multiple places! They are fun for making up silly monster stories! These come with a fun blue card that reads "I Am Your Pocket Rock! Keep me in your bag or pocket during work or play. And when you need a friendly face, I will make your day!"  $21 for the Set of 4. Get your set HERE.


Pocket Pals (Select Your Favorite Image!)

If your child has a favorite image, this is the option for you! These Pocket Pals are super colorful and fun, and you can either select one of my standard images or have one CUSTOM MADE just for you! Want a mermaid? A dragon? A unicorn! No problem! These are all pocket-sized and come with the same blue card as shown in the Pocket Monsters image. It reads "Keep me in your bag or pocket during work or play, and when you need a friendly face, I will make your day!" Only $8 each. Get your custom Pocket Pal HERE.

Lunch Box Cards 2.JPG


Lunch Box Cards and Notes are all the rage this year! They are perfectly sized to slip into a lunch box for a sweet lunchtime surprise! Share words of encouragement with your child, and teach them about kindness.  YOU WILL GET 18 PRINTABLE CARDS FOR FREE if you simply sign up for my newsletter list! Plus you'll be the first to know about special sales and new items. You'll also get a 10% off coupon to use on any of the Pocket Rocks you've seen here, or towards anything in my shop! Just CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP and get your free lunch box cards!

Put those back-to-school anxieties to rest with these Pocket Rocks and Lunch Box Cards!  Thanks for supporting my small business!