Words of Encouragement and Empowerment

In my Etsy shop, I often rely on customers to guide me when brainstorming new painted rock designs. If a customer makes a Custom Order request, that it my cue to consider whether or not this is something more people will want. Most of the time the answer is “Yes!”

Case in point: last year, a local friend asked me to come up with a set of painted rocks representing the 12 Points of the Boy Scout Law. My two older boys had been in Cub Scouts, but I had to do some research to remember the details of the Boy Scout Oath. Once I gathered the necessary information, I came up with a set painted in a patriotic red, white, and blue design. There are 12 stones in the set, and each stone has one of the following words taken from the Scout Oath: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. I sent the set off to my friend, who was quite happy with it. I then decided to list the set in my shop, thinking, “maybe someone else will like them.”

Little did I know that this particular item would become a Bestseller in my shop within 6 months! To date, I’ve sold OVER 60 SETS of these Boy Scout Rocks! I like to believe that these stones with 12 words are empowering to young men around the country. (Incidentally, I have a similar set for Veterans that was inspired by a custom order request!).

Just recently it occurred to me that I need a set for GIRL SCOUTS, so I designed a set that incorporates the Girl Scout Law and Promise in the shape of the traditional “Girl Scout Daisy.”

Girl Scout Law and Promise Set of Rocks
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Each petal of the daisy has a hand-written phrase from the Girl Scout Law. I’ve only sold one set of these so far, but they are new so I hope sales will pick up. Again, what a great way to offer empowerment to young ladies!

Continuing with the theme of EMPOWERMENT THROUGH WORDS, several other sets in my shop have become popular. I don’t really know what people do with my stones once they receive them, but I imagine they are giveN out to friends, coworkers, or anyone in need of encouragement. This makes me happy!

Here are a few of the sets I believe to be Empowering:

Words of Wisdom Painted Stones, Set of 10 Affirmation Rocks, Encouragement Rocks, Custom Painted Rocks, Wisdom Stones, Affirmation Stones
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I truly believe in the Power of the WORD. A single word can either darken or brighten someone’s day. This is why I am so gratified that my customers continue to share my simple words of encouragement with others.