DIY Rock Painting Tutorial (How to Paint Your Own Pocket Angel!)

INTRODUCTION:  Pocket rocks and worry stones have been around for centuries. They are meant to bring luck, inspiration, affirmation, and courage. People carry them in their pocket,  wallet, purse, backpack or lunchbox! This tutorial will show you, step-by-step, how to make your own Pocket Angel Rocks. When you are done, you can give them to friends and family as the perfect token of friendship or love!







  • SPRAY SEALANT (read through the steps for more details)

STEP 1:  Find the perfect rock! Look for a small stone that is smooth and relatively flat. You can find pebbles on beaches, at lakes and rivers, or even at your local landscaping store (think Lowe’s or Home Depot!). Wash and scrub the rock with hot soapy water and allow to dry. 

Choose smooth, flat pebbles or rocks

Choose smooth, flat pebbles or rocks

STEP 2:  Transfer the Angel Image to your stone. The Pocket Angel templates are at the bottom of this post. (Right-click to save, then print.) Select a size that works with your rock and cut it out. Using graphite transfer paper (which you can find online or at Arts & Crafts stores), trace the angel image to transfer it to the rock. If your rock is light in color, you will need black transfer paper. If your rock is dark, use white transfer paper.

Note: Try sketching the angel design onto your rock with pencil if you’re feeling up to it!

Once the image is on your rock, OUTLINE IT with a black acrylic paint pen (I use  Fine-tipped UNI POSCA paint markers that I order from Amazon).

STEP 3:  Paint the Angel.  Using acrylic paints and fine-tipped paintbrushes, paint the angel with your favorite colors. Since the rocks are smooth and often slick, you may need more than one coat. Be sure to allow the paint to dry between coats.

NOTE: I added a golden hem and a red heart to my angels. Use your imagination to embellish!

STEP 4:  Seal the Angel.  You can skip this step if you like, but if you want an extra layer of protection against scratches and water damage, I recommend using a spray sealant.  I use Deco Art Americana Acrylic Sealer that I get from my local Arts & Crafts store. In a well-ventilated area, lightly spray your rock using a sweeping motion. (If you are sealing many rocks at once, wear a face mask so you won’t inhale the fumes!) Allow the first coat to dry. Go back and spray a second coat of the sealant. After it dries (a couple of hours at least), you are ready to give your Pocket Angels to friends and family!

NOTE: I don’t recommend a brush-on sealant because many Acrylic Paint Pens will smear.  If you really want to use a brush-on sealant (like Triple Thick), FIRST SPRAY A LIGHT COAT OF THE SPRAY SEALANT to seal in the paints. Then you can use the brush-on sealant.


Faith, Hope, and Love Pocket Angel Rocks. CLICK the image to buy your own set!

Faith, Hope, and Love Pocket Angel Rocks. CLICK the image to buy your own set!

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Right-click the template image above to save, then print.

Right-click the template image above to save, then print.